Tools for Designing Mobile App Mockups

3 Best Tools for Designing Mobile App Mockups

One of the best ways to show what you’re capable of as a developer is to have a mockup design. If your client wants to build a specific mobile app, it would be ideal to have a mockup ready. This way, clients can test the app and provide sufficient feedback early on. Here are a couple of tools to help you out.

1) Mockplus

If you only had to choose one mockup tool, this is your best option. With a huge number of clients including IBM, Oracle, an Intel, Mockplus succeeds in its vision of helping users build prototypes in the most efficient manner possible. The user interface focuses on visuals and it’s easy to navigate around.

You’re never going to run out with options. In Mockplus, you can browse through over 3,000 icons. You also have access to hundreds of components to bring your mobile app ideas to life. Plus, all you have to do to preview your mockup is to scan a QR code — you don’t need any USB cables whatsoever.

2) Sketch

This app will cost you $99 each year, but there’s a free 30-day trial period to help you decide if it’s worth the price or not. Plus. you don’t even need to pay the annual fee. You can still use the most recent version of Sketch you downloaded; you just won’t receive any more software updates.

The latest version is nearly three times faster than the last, and it’s got so many useful tools. There are a lot of plugins in Sketch. Likewise, you can utilize its code export, vector editing, and export preset features. There’s even a sync-and-share option so that your co-developers and clients alike can see it.

3) InVision

This mockup design tool gives Mockplus a run for its money — some of its clients include HBO, Amazon, and Netflix. InVision uses the cloud to ensure that all your projects are easy to access, no matter your location. Everything from the mobile prototype to your inspiration board is available to you online.

However, it’s important to ensure a secure connection when you work over the Internet. What is VPN connection on Android or iOS devices? There are a ton of VPN services available, but all of them should help encrypt your online activities no matter the platform.

For many clients, it’s important that the mockup isn’t just full of static screens. They need to see how the mobile app is going to work even at this point in the development stage. Thankfully, InVision allows you to animate transitions with ease. Also, all the UX components are conveniently located in one space.

Creating a mockup of a mobile app can be daunting. But with these aforementioned tools, you can show off your prototype to your clients in no time.

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