What does a professional party wall surveyor in Croydon do?

Organising a party can be an exciting event and one that everyone can enjoy. However, it’s important to remember that your neighbours may not always appreciate the noise and disturbance caused by the festivities. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional party wall surveyor Croydon before hosting your next get-together. In this article, we’ll […]

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5 Reasons Why Skirting Boards Are Essential In Every Home

Skirting boards, or baseboards as they’re sometimes known, provide an essential finishing touch to any room in your home. Not only do they protect walls from scuffs and scrapes, but they also act as a decorative element – available in a wide range of styles and materials. Here are 5 reasons why traditional skirting board should be an essential element in every home.

1. Creates a Professional Finish

Skirting boards create a professional finish that can transform the look of any room. In corridors or hallways especially, skirting boards help to define the overall shape and size of the space, creating balance and uniformity throughout.

2. Protects Walls From Damage

As mentioned above, skirting boards are designed to protect walls from scuffs and scrapes that inevitably occur during everyday life. Whether it’s kids running around with toys or moving furniture against the wall – adding skirting boards ensures that your walls remain free from marks and damage over time.

3. Conceals Cables & Ugly Joins

Modern homes often come with a variety of unsightly cables for appliances such as computers, TVs and games consoles – meaning you need an effective way to conceal them without resorting to drilling holes into your wall or trailing cables around the floor which could become a trip hazard! Installing skirting boards helps hide these wires whilst keeping them easily accessible if needed for maintenance at a later date.

4. Offers Versatility & Choice of Design

Skirtings come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and designs so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding one that suits your particular style preferences – whether you prefer something modern or more traditional skirting board designs – there’s something out there for everyone! You can even paint them with specialist paints if you want to get creative!

5. Easy To Maintain & Replaceable

Skirtings are designed specifically with ease of maintenance in mind – making them very easy to keep clean over time simply by dusting or wiping occasionally with warm water & soap if required (depending on the material). They’re also relatively inexpensive compared to other wall coverings so can be replaced quickly & easily when necessary; ideal if there is ever any damage due to wear and tear from regular use over time.


Skirting boards should not be underestimated – their subtle impact makes all the difference when it comes to transforming the look of your home both inside & out! Not only do they offer protection from scratches & dents but also offer versatility when it comes to choosing design options too!

How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Hiring Pest Control Companies

Pest infestations are one of the worst things that can happen to your home. They can ruin your furniture, consume your food, contaminate water, and even destroy parts of your house or garden if left unchecked. Fortunately, you can always seek the help of pest control companies to get rid of them. When hiring pest control firms, there are some things that you should remember to avoid getting scammed. This blog will guide you in searching for the best pest control near me, and will also help you in avoiding common pest control scams. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Check the pest control professional’s insurance coverage 

Pest treatment firms are often required to have liability coverage, however, the details vary by location. Reliable pest control companies will go further by expanding their insurance benefits. Although most companies offer basic insurance, pest control firms that go the extra mile and offer general liability insurance, criminal liability, professional liability, property damage, as well as personal injury must be preferred. Prior to allowing your specialist to sprinkle pesticides in your house, request that they give you with the necessary documentation. 

  1. Get a second or third opinion on professional pest control companies

Numerous pest control firms provide free advice during which a professional will visit your house. Isn’t it wonderful news? After all, they will provide a free inspection of your home. However, it is not always that simple. In some cases, pest management con artists would leave the bodies of several dead insects on your flooring while wandering about and then claim to have discovered them. What is the remedy to this problem? Always seek independent advice if you suspect your house is infested with bugs. Once another professional validate the problem, you are able to select a local pest control consultant or exterminator. 

  1. Review your contract thoroughly 

Contracts that automatically renew themselves are among the most devious types of pest control frauds. You’ll consult with a pest control professional who provides a reasonable estimate, arrives punctually, and fulfils the task, and you’ll believe you’re safe. However, after they’ve finished spraying, they may inform you that a single treatment will not completely eradicate your pests, advising you to acquire an annual contract to assure total eradication. 

These contracts may keep renewing every year, regardless of whether you utilize them or not. Do not agree to a contract that goes further than the service session to prevent this fraud. A trained professional can eliminate the majority of infestations with a single pesticide treatment. Reliable businesses should provide enough reasons to justify the need for a subsequent round of extermination and must not rush you into accepting their contract. 

  1. Read reviews on the internet 

Spend some time researching any pest control professionals you are considering employing. Professional pest controllers should maintain an active website and, in some cases, social media sites, and those sites should allow customer reviews and feedback to be posted.

Pest Control: An important aspect to maintain ecological imbalance and human health

“Pests” is a term that is usually used to refer to unwanted creatures that may harm the environment and the well-being of human health in any way. Even today, every nation in the world is in some way battling to control the population of insects and rodents. It is critical to ensure that diseases and infestation do not spread nationwide.

Before checking the reasons and ways, one should contact the Pest control near me timely; let’s first list the common pets that can cause diseases in our daily lives.

Common pests

  • Insects and Bugs:

 The most common pests belong to the insects and bugs group. Spiders, mosquitoes, houseflies, bed bugs, cockroaches, and termites are some of the insects that can quickly form their nest in houses and back/front yards.

  • Rodents: 

Rodents like rats are carriers of hazardous long-term diseases like salmonella, bubonic plague viruses, tularemia, etc. it is best to keep these creatures far away from both inside and outside of the living environment.

  • Wasps: 

Wasps, in general, are very dangerous if aggravated, but their sting can become life-threatening if they sting people with bee allergies. They quickly make their homes in lawns or gardens, which is why it needs to be removed even at the slightest sign of their homes.

Importance of pest control

Now, let’s discuss why pest control is essential for ecology and human health.


It is said that a high population of pests in the ecology can cause an imbalance in it. If proper pest control is not done nationwide, then the creatures can:

–         Harm and damage the agricultural produce:

  •  Insects like grasshoppers, caterpillars, and locusts may eat away the crops. Such insects are called crop pests.

–         Damage to the quality of soil:

  •  Though it is said that many insects are suitable for the soil quality, a few pests harm the nutrition level of the soil and damage the trees.

Ignoring pest control can cause an ecological imbalance.

Human health

The pests spread diseases among domestic pets and humans. And among these, many of them are life-threatening or cause long-term health issues. Some of the most common are Lyme disease, rat fever, bird flu, swine flu, malaria, dengue fever, salmonella, Hantavirus, asthma, and many more.

Hence to protect the family members and house pets, it is essential that one gets pest control done on a regular internal or when an infestation is noticed.

Pest control methods

Different methods are used for pest control. Some of them are:

  1. Organic and natural methods
  2. Anti agents
  3. Disinfectants and
  4. Electronic and ultra-sonic nuisance control gadgets

Some of the helpful habits that people can practice to reduce chances for pest infestation are using a closed garbage can and always covering food.

Most of these rodents and insects will start a colony, and one will not even know about it until it’s too late. And within the matter of next few days, the contaminated living space may cause harm to the health of people living there.

What Are The Advantages Of Carpeting?

With several floors covering choices open nowadays, determining what to place on your ground can be difficult, such as choosing between Carpet and hardwood. One might ask if the Carpet has many advantages over other hard surface flooring options. Whereas every floor coating has its pros and disadvantages, Carpet offers several specific benefits above hard floors. 


Even though concrete floors like hardwood have dominated the covers of interior decorating publications in recent times, the Carpet does have its distinct character. A rug can transform a place from expensive and beautiful to informal and comfortable just by altering the kind of Carpet.


Because hard surfaces lack elasticity underfoot, they can’t function as shock absorbents for your feet. It essentially implies that when you step on a firm surface ground, your body feels a little jolt each moment you take a step since your body takes the power of your contact instead of the surface. 

Carpet offers stress absorption owing to its elasticity and softness, in addition to being pleasant to walk, rest, and lay on. 

Since there is an underpad underneath the Carpet, its impact is amplified substantially. In a sense, Carpet is not just more pleasant to feel, but it is also gentler on the body while standing or moving for lengthy periods.


Individuals with breathing issues have been told for years that they should pull up all of their home carpets and substitute them with firm surface floors. Yet, multiple studies have repeatedly demonstrated whether the Carpet is more helpful to persons with respiratory problems than polished concrete flooring.


You’ve observed that audio tends to bounce off ceilings and generate a whisper in a room that is devoid of Carpet at some time. That seems why concrete floors, unlike smooth ground like a carpet, cannot absorb noise.


Carpet not merely offers a nice resting surface – that is very important in baby’s bedroom – but it also assists to stop falls from occurring in the initial place, particularly on staircases. A well-chosen carpet improves safety by reducing the number of tripping and falling.


Every one of the goods comes in a variety of quality and pricing ranges. As a result, no one type of floor finish is sure to be more costly or cheaper cost than another. Carpets, on the other hand, are frequently less expensive than firm surface flooring. On the other hand, Carpet often alleviates these worries because it may be laid over a range of sub-floors and has significantly fewer restrictions. You can save a significant amount of money with https://zothexflooring.com

The bottom lines:

Linen flooring is accessible on the knees and ankles. Slipping on such a rug is significantly less likely than on a flat surface. The Carpet is non-slippery as well. Yet, if one falls, the likelihood of injury is reduced since the Carpet is smooth and durable. 

Carpets are the most versatile carpet option; the choices are virtually limitless! Carpet comes in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Make a one-of-a-kind floor by mixing colors, textures, and patterns.

A Dive Into The World Of Experienced Plumbers

Plumbers are the unsung heroes of our everyday lives, tackling everything from the nuisance of leaky faucets to the complexity of full re-piping projects. Their expertise extends beyond just fixing what’s broken; it encompasses a deep understanding of the intricate network of pipes that keep our homes and businesses running smoothly. Let’s take a closer look at the world of experienced υδραυλικοι and the range of challenges they face in their profession.

The Backbone of Infrastructure: Understanding the Role of Plumbers

Plumbers play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of our infrastructure. They are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining the piping systems that supply water, gas, and sewage to residential and commercial buildings. From the moment water enters a building to its exit through drainage pipes, plumbers ensure that every connection is secure and every component functions as intended.

Precision and Problem-Solving: Tackling Leaky Faucets and Dripping Pipes

One of the most common issues plumbers encounter is the dreaded leaky faucet. While it may seem like a minor annoyance, a leaking faucet can waste gallons of water and lead to costly water bills if addressed. Experienced plumbers possess the skill and precision to diagnose the root cause of the leak and apply the necessary repairs efficiently.

Beyond Quick Fixes: The Art of Full Re-Piping

In some cases, more than a quick fix is needed to remedy the plumbing woes of a property. This is where full re-piping projects come into play. Re-piping requires a comprehensive overhaul of the entire plumbing system, whether due to aging pipes, corrosion, or structural damage. Experienced plumbers approach these projects with meticulous planning and execution to ensure minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Navigating Complexity: Dealing with Multi-Story Buildings and Commercial Properties

The challenges faced by plumbers extend beyond residential settings. Multi-story buildings and commercial properties present unique obstacles, such as increased water pressure demands, complex layouts, and stringent regulatory requirements. Experienced plumbers leverage their expertise and specialized equipment to navigate these complexities and deliver reliable plumbing solutions.

Innovations and Adaptations: Embracing Technology in Plumbing

As technology continues to advance, so too does the field of plumbing. Experienced plumbers stay abreast of the latest innovations, from advanced leak detection systems to eco-friendly fixtures and materials. By incorporating technology into their practices, plumbers enhance efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability in their work.

The Human Element: Building Trust and Reliability

Beyond technical proficiency, experienced plumbers understand the importance of building trust and reliability with their clients. They communicate clearly, provide transparent pricing, and prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. By fostering strong relationships and delivering exceptional service, plumbers earn the reputation and loyalty that sustain their businesses for years to come.

Conclusion: Honoring the Craft of Experienced Plumbers

In the tapestry of modern civilization, plumbers weave the threads that ensure the seamless flow of water and the safe disposal of waste. Their expertise and dedication are the cornerstone of functional infrastructure, from the simplest of repairs to the most complex re-piping projects. As we navigate the intricacies of our built environment, let us pay attention to the invaluable contributions of these skilled professionals.

What does a professional party wall surveyor in Croydon do?

Organising a party can be an exciting event and one that everyone can enjoy. However, it’s important to remember that your neighbours may not always appreciate the noise and disturbance caused by the festivities. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional party wall surveyor Croydon before hosting your next get-together. In this article, we’ll discuss what a party wall surveyor does and how to make sure you get the most out of bringing them on board.

What is a party wall surveyor?

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 covers any work to buildings or structures that are shared between two neighbouring properties. A party wall surveyor is an expert who assesses whether there is a risk of damage to either property when changes are made, such as extensions or new building work. The surveyor will inspect both properties and advise on any necessary precautions to ensure the safety of both parties. They will also prepare a report outlining their findings and recommendations for action if necessary.

Why should I hire a professional party wall surveyor in Croydon?

Hiring a qualified professional in Croydon means that you can rest assured that your project meets all the legal requirements set out in the 1996 Act. Surveyors are experienced in dealing with issues such as rights of access, boundary disputes and encroachment – crucial matters that can cause serious problems down the line if not dealt with correctly from the outset. In addition, using an independent third party ensures transparency throughout the process, giving you peace of mind that both your and your neighbour’s interests are being protected at all times.

Choosing an appropriate party wall surveyor

When deciding on a suitable party wall surveyor in Croydon, it is important to research local firms to ensure they have extensive knowledge of local rules and regulations regarding building work in your area, as well as being fully conversant with relevant legislation including The Building Regulations 2010 & Approved Documents Part L1A & B (Conservation Of Fuel And Power). Also, always check online reviews beforehand to see what other customers have experienced with different companies – after all, this process should go smoothly with no nasty surprises!

Preparing for your appointment with the party wall surveyor

Before meeting your appointed professional surveyor in Croydon, it’s important to prepare thoroughly so that they can accurately assess any potential risks associated with carrying out work on or near shared premises/buildings between you and neighbouring occupiers or owners. You should gather details of any existing plans for alterations/extensions and provide them with copies, as well as information about recent improvements carried out elsewhere in the property. If applicable, it would also be useful to mention whether there have been any historic conflicts between you and your neighbours over shared boundaries or similar issues – although these may not necessarily need to be addressed at this particular meeting, depending on the purpose of the meeting.

What happens during a professional survey meeting?

During the appointment itself, the parties present must agree the terms of notices under Section 10(2) of the Act 1996 – prior notice given by either side to inform occupiers of proposed works that will affect the other’s property (e.g. excavations in close proximity). Following this agreement, the surveyors then carry out external/internal inspections, noting anything they deem relevant to the final conclusion of their report – e.g. measurements taken across/into walls/walls adjoining neighbouring properties; assessment of structural integrity, etc. At the end of the process, once they are satisfied that sufficient evidence has been gathered, they will provide a written document giving further instructions on the action to be taken if necessary (e.g. repair costs etc.).

Preparation for possible disputes between neighbours following the appointment of a professional surveyor

Once reports have been produced following an inspection, depending on the findings, potential disputes may arise between neighbours over financial liabilities, for example, who will pay for any repairs required following the completion of the work. In order to avoid disputes escalating unnecessarily, it is therefore best practice to advise anyone commissioning services surveys to familiarise themselves in advance with the relevant legislation governing such disputes, in particular section 11(5) & 12(7) of the Act, which allows for ‘reasonable compensation’ to be paid where appropriate.It is also worth bearing in mind that some cases may require dispute resolution methods such as mediation, arbitration, where an impartial third party attempts to resolve the matter outside the court system, thereby saving the cost and time involved in litigation.Ultimately though, no matter how small the job undertaken, hiring a knowledgeable, experienced specialist is recommended to avoid problems arising later down the line.

Last thing anyone wants after spending considerable amount of money installing large conservatory example is to find out afterwards disputed requiring costly rebuild! So contact a reputable company today and start benefiting from the range of services offered by professional party wall surveys!

8 Natural And Simple Ways To Keep Ants Out Of Your Home

Do you see ants running all around your house? Yes, an ant infestation can cause havoc in your life. Though ants look so small, they can cause serious damage to your house and your health. That is why getting rid of such pests immediately is important. If you want some simple home remedies to get rid of ants, keep reading this article.

Why are ants harmful?

There are almost 12,000 types of ants. Your house can get infested by any of these. Some ants also bite us, while others can damage the foundation of our house. Some harmful effects of ants are;

  • They can contaminate our food.
  • They can carry diseases.
  • They damage the structure and foundation of our house.
  • Some ants bite.
  • A colony of ants can ruin the hygiene of our house.
  • They eat plants and saplings
  • They invite other pests
  • They carry soil and make their nest inside our house.

These are some of the common harmful effects of an ant infestation. So, whenever you detect such possibilities, you must take immediate steps to remove them.

How to remove ants easily?

Thankfully, some easy home remedies can be used to keep ants away from your house. Some of the most effective remedies are mentioned here.

  • Seal all cracks and holes

The first thing required is blocking their entry points. Ants enter our houses through small cracks and holes in the walls. If you seal all these holes, they cannot enter the house.

  • Fix windows and doors

Most of the time, ants enter our house through the gaps on windows and doors. You must make your windows and doors ant-proof to keep them away. So, fix all broken parts and cracks on your doors and windows to prevent ants. Moreover, you can use nets for more protection.

  • Keep your house clean

All pests thrive in the dirt. This is also true for ants. They make their nest in the dirtiest corners of a house. If you clean every corner of your house daily, no infestation can grow. So, clean all your rooms, kitchen, bathroom, basement, attic, and other possible areas.

  • Keep food covered

Ants enter our house in search of food. Whenever they find any open food, they start feeding on it. Ants will keep coming back to your house as long as they find open food sources. If you keep all your food in containers, they will leave the house eventually. So, keep your sink and dishwasher clean, and always throw away the garbage to remove pesky ants from your kitchen. Keeping food covered is an important factor to take care of.

  • Use chalk

Chalk is one of the commonest ways used for removing ants. Chalks contain calcium carbonate, which works as an ant repeller. So, draw a line with the chalk at their entry point. It will keep the ants away from your house. But make sure, the line remains untouched by pets and kids. If consumed by mistake, chalks can cause serious health issues.

  • Use lemon

The smell of lemons acts as the best ant repeller. You can squeeze some lemon juice into the infected area or keep some lemon peels near the area. Soon the whole colony of ants will leave your house. You can also use any detergent that contains lemon to mop your house. Thus, any type of bitter smell will keep ants away from your house. But remember not to use anything that contains sugar as an ant repeller.

  • Pepper solution

Ants cannot tolerate the strong smell of pepper. Using it near the infested area will be effective. You can sprinkle some pepper near your doors and windows to keep them away. One can also make a solution by mixing pepper and water. Spraying the mixture around ant-infested areas will be helpful. Pepper does not kill ants, but it will surely keep them away.

  • Use salt

Salt is the simplest and easiest way to get rid of ants. You can use normal table salt for this purpose. Sprinkle some salt at every corner of your house to keep ants away. You can also boil some water and add salt to it and make a mixture. After cooling it, you can spray the mixture all-around your house to get rid of ants.


These are a few tried and tested ways to keep ants away from your house. If the infestation control is no longer in your hands, you should call professional pest controllers. They will remove the entire colony of ants and make your house ant-proof. Even after complete removal, you need to keep your house clean and maintain all their guidelines to stop the ants from re-entering your house. So, use these tips to get effective results and keep your house hygienic.  

House Cleaning Box Hill

House Cleaning Brunswick – Domestic Angels

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, you no doubt like keep a clean homely environment. Making sure your home is kept spotlessly tidy typically will be a complete hassle. Domestic Angels, local experts in Home Cleaning, take the hassle out of having a freshly cleaned home – with our group of devoted and seasoned home cleaners; we can make sure you will be totally satisfied with our home cleaning services. Each and everyservice your house!

  • superior cleaners
  • domestic cleaning
  • weekly & fortnightly cleans
  • affordable home cleaning
  • superior cleaning service
  • affordable rates

At Domestic Angels, our team will always start by asking you about your particular needs whenever cleaning your residence. When personalising our property cleaning solutions to you, you can always enjoy the finest home cleaning outcomes.

Our team can look after projects including pensioner home cleaning services, move in cleaning services and post-party cleaning. Contact us on 0431 112 335 for domestic cleaning services, once off spring cleans and weekly house cleaning services services tailored to your requirements. When contracting our carpet cleaning firm, you’ll have the knowledge that we will take care of almost all carpet stains. Our team will return your carpeted area back to its most immaculate condition and we’ll leave your carpets aromatised for you to appreciate.

Each and every one of our meticulously qualified domestic cleaning professionals work hard to make sure that the home clean is finished perfectly. 0431 112 335 is the number to get in contact with for Brunswick’s most effective and reasonably-priced solutions in end of lease cleaning services, once off spring cleans and vacate cleaning services.

Not only are our cleaners fastidious but similarly efficient with their house cleaning, and they will ensure your property is absolutely beaming and smelling wonderful within a reasonable timeframe. Our cleaning team members are dedicated to additional cleaning services for instance end of lease cleaning services, vacate cleaning services and post-party cleaning.

Trying to find a competent home cleaning business that works in the Brunswick and surrounding suburbs? Get a hold of the crew at Domestic Angels Home Cleaning on 0431 112 335 for information and facts on our range of house cleaning options that our service offers. We understand what our clients expect when it comes providing quality cleaning services. All our cleaning teams acknowledge the necessity of providing a quality cleaning service that is better than our competitors.

Weekly Checklist For House Cleaning

Dominate Your Market With Proper Home Business Systems

Create a weekly checklist for house cleaning–use the most efficient home business system and get the best use of your time and maximize profits.

By using the plans and tools in the House Cleaning Biz 101© system, you’ll dominate your market and run an efficient cleaning business.

Other people are doing this right now. And you can too.

Here’s why using these established systems for your cleaning business will put you on the right track…

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, you can achieve success faster if you don’t try to reinvent the wheel!

Having systems in place–such as a weekly checklist for house cleaningfor each of your clients, and simple methods for making sure you do all parts of your business–establishes certain systems and practices for you. When you follow the right procedures, you will grow a very healthy business.

Even if you are just starting out, or you’re already a seasoned pro, and already running crews of cleaners, the House Cleaning Biz 101© system can still teach you so much about growing your business.

Take your existing knowledge and grow your business to the next level. This is another case of not reinventing the wheel. You can learn new tips and tricks to help you run your business better. And that will only mean more money in the bank for you.

Of course, having a house cleaning checklist doesn’t guarantee success. But it’s a great start to your business efficiency.

After all, business systems are the secret behind all great businesses-from Henry Ford’s automobile assembly line manufacturing to McDonald’s teen-run hamburger restaurants.

You can share your weekly checklist that you use for cleaning business here. Show others how your system helps you run your business. Simply contact us here and share your house cleaning check list.

And to learn more to improve your cleaning business, be sure to check out the House Cleaning Biz 101© system.

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Ten Simple But Effective Household Cleaning Tips

Everyone has his or her own way of tidying up the messes in their home. They may be bordering on the obsessive, or they may be bordering on the chaotic. But whatever cleaning style you have, it doesn’t help to boost it with these ten simple but effective household cleaning tips:

An ounce of prevention

Why create a huge mess if you can prevent it from forming in the first place?

Instead of leaving a glass of water on the desk when you’re done using it, you could simply run it through some water, wipe it clean and place it back on the shelf. Or you could wipe your feet before entering the house instead of rushing in with your muddy shoes. Or you could toss a candy wrapper straight into the trash bin instead of tossing it behind the couch.

This is perhaps one of the most useful and least troublesome household cleaning tips. By avoiding the habit of carelessly placing junk and dirt everywhere, you can help keep things neat and organized. You will find that your home will be a much more livable and loveable habitat to stay in.

Smaller messes, lesser cleaning

Speaking of prevention, cleaning smaller messes when they occur prevents you from having to deal with the aftereffects of settled stains and piled dishes.

It’s just like good business. Handle problems when they are small and manageable, and you will not have to invest huge amounts of resources in the cleanup when they balloon out of control. Take the initiative to clean the small messes, and you will save yourself a lot of headaches in the long run.

Pet management

Fur and fecal matter are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to pet management.

Pets are serious headaches, and that is why there are professionals who are trained to train your pets. Invest a little time and money in hiring a pet trainer to teach your dog or cat to live with you, and you will not have to worry too much about hidden ‘landmines’ and torn furniture.


Splitting cleaning duties to zones is common sense for those who are familiar with the concept, but is still a valid one to discuss for household cleaning tips.

Some people keep on wondering why the dust and junk never seems to end, even after hours of cleaning. Start you cleaning process from the least accessible areas of the house going outward from the area. This allows you to keep track of the areas you have already gone through, and will tell you where you need to focus your cleaning next.

Set aside a schedule

Cleaning little problems can be spontaneous, but you really have to set aside a schedule if you want to tackle bigger household chores.

By making a schedule, you settle yourself into a pattern of cleaning your home. This pattern will help encourage you to get things done, and will also help bolster your resolve when you are feeling too lazy to get up and get things cleaned. Set one day of a week, like Sunday, to handle house-wide cleaning chores, and things will be a lot easier for you to handle.

The power of vinegar, lemon and baking soda

This is one of the more money-saving household cleaning tips, as cheap but effective household materials can be used to replace commercial-grade cleaning materials.

Vinegar, lemon and baking soda are the basics of the housecleaning process. They remove stains, neutralize bad odors and sanitize surfaces they come into contact with. They can even be used to handle any buildup of molds in your home. Be willing to spend a little time studying how to use them, and you could be saving big bucks on cleaning materials and supplies.

Working together

Two heads are more than one, two sets of hands are more than one, and two sets of legs are more than one. Oh, and they’re all better than one too.

Splitting the work down the middle and having more hands to work with eases the cleaning burden around the house. Leave the dishes and table management to one person, vacuuming and dusting to another, yard management to another, and the laundry to yet another person. You get things done a lot faster while no one gets to complain that someone’s being lazy and goofing off.


Knowing where everything is helps make the job a whole lot easier than randomly piling stuff together.

While a person may claim that they have a system of ‘organized chaos,’ not everyone can navigate through a labyrinth of stinky socks and towering stacks of CDs and DVDs. Drawers, shelves and simple common sense exist for a reason, and they can help make life a whole lot easier to live with. Plus, you won’t have to panic when something is missing as you know exactly where they are at all times.

Handy waste bins and baskets

Many people are seriously lazy bums that do not want to walk down a flight of steps just to dispose of a piece of trash.

Providing a convenient method of disposing trash while making it highly visible encourages people to dispose of their garbage properly instead of mindlessly tossing it around. Even a simple plastic or paper bag can serve as a handy dandy trash bin in a pinch.

A culture of cleanliness

This is perhaps the single most useful tips of them all.

You do not need to brainwash yourself and your family in order to develop a culture of cleanliness. It is simply teaching you all about how to enjoy looking at something that is clean and well managed. After all, no one will bother to clean if he or she gets nothing out of it, right?

And there you have it, ten simple but effective household cleaning tips