8 Natural And Simple Ways To Keep Ants Out Of Your Home


Do you see ants running all around your house? Yes, an ant infestation can cause havoc in your life. Though ants look so small, they can cause serious damage to your house and your health. That is why getting rid of such pests immediately is important. If you want some simple home remedies to get rid of ants, keep reading this article.

Why are ants harmful?

There are almost 12,000 types of ants. Your house can get infested by any of these. Some ants also bite us, while others can damage the foundation of our house. Some harmful effects of ants are;

  • They can contaminate our food.
  • They can carry diseases.
  • They damage the structure and foundation of our house.
  • Some ants bite.
  • A colony of ants can ruin the hygiene of our house.
  • They eat plants and saplings
  • They invite other pests
  • They carry soil and make their nest inside our house.

These are some of the common harmful effects of an ant infestation. So, whenever you detect such possibilities, you must take immediate steps to remove them.

How to remove ants easily?

Thankfully, some easy home remedies can be used to keep ants away from your house. Some of the most effective remedies are mentioned here.

  • Seal all cracks and holes

The first thing required is blocking their entry points. Ants enter our houses through small cracks and holes in the walls. If you seal all these holes, they cannot enter the house.

  • Fix windows and doors

Most of the time, ants enter our house through the gaps on windows and doors. You must make your windows and doors ant-proof to keep them away. So, fix all broken parts and cracks on your doors and windows to prevent ants. Moreover, you can use nets for more protection.

  • Keep your house clean

All pests thrive in the dirt. This is also true for ants. They make their nest in the dirtiest corners of a house. If you clean every corner of your house daily, no infestation can grow. So, clean all your rooms, kitchen, bathroom, basement, attic, and other possible areas.

  • Keep food covered

Ants enter our house in search of food. Whenever they find any open food, they start feeding on it. Ants will keep coming back to your house as long as they find open food sources. If you keep all your food in containers, they will leave the house eventually. So, keep your sink and dishwasher clean, and always throw away the garbage to remove pesky ants from your kitchen. Keeping food covered is an important factor to take care of.

  • Use chalk

Chalk is one of the commonest ways used for removing ants. Chalks contain calcium carbonate, which works as an ant repeller. So, draw a line with the chalk at their entry point. It will keep the ants away from your house. But make sure, the line remains untouched by pets and kids. If consumed by mistake, chalks can cause serious health issues.

  • Use lemon

The smell of lemons acts as the best ant repeller. You can squeeze some lemon juice into the infected area or keep some lemon peels near the area. Soon the whole colony of ants will leave your house. You can also use any detergent that contains lemon to mop your house. Thus, any type of bitter smell will keep ants away from your house. But remember not to use anything that contains sugar as an ant repeller.

  • Pepper solution

Ants cannot tolerate the strong smell of pepper. Using it near the infested area will be effective. You can sprinkle some pepper near your doors and windows to keep them away. One can also make a solution by mixing pepper and water. Spraying the mixture around ant-infested areas will be helpful. Pepper does not kill ants, but it will surely keep them away.

  • Use salt

Salt is the simplest and easiest way to get rid of ants. You can use normal table salt for this purpose. Sprinkle some salt at every corner of your house to keep ants away. You can also boil some water and add salt to it and make a mixture. After cooling it, you can spray the mixture all-around your house to get rid of ants.


These are a few tried and tested ways to keep ants away from your house. If the infestation control is no longer in your hands, you should call professional pest controllers. They will remove the entire colony of ants and make your house ant-proof. Even after complete removal, you need to keep your house clean and maintain all their guidelines to stop the ants from re-entering your house. So, use these tips to get effective results and keep your house hygienic.