Tips On How To Choose Slipcovers For Your Chair

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Dining chair slipcovers not only provide a cheaper alternative to replacing your dining set but also showcases the elegance of your home decor. Chair slipcovers come in all shapes and designs and finding one that complements the rest of your home’s decor will be an easy task. Here are some tips on how to choose slipcovers for your chair.

Patterned Vs. Solid chair Slipcovers

When you visit your local furniture store, you are likely to get attracted by striped fabrics or all-white linens. While these will look good on any chair, you need to consider the fact that all-white linen sofas might not be a good idea when you have kids around the house. Bold striped sofas will also run out of fashion fast and you might end up disappointed. Going for solid color chair slipcovers is your best bet. Most people might consider solid colors boring but this is not the case with slipcovers. Solids will not only cost you less but will be easy to accessorize with the latest trends.

When shopping for chair slipcovers, be sure to select those that are easy to wash. Chairs and sofas with high traffic are particularly hard to clean. While slipcovers make it easy for you to protect your chair from grease and stains, cleaning them is a nightmare to most people. Machine washable fabrics will be easy to clean and will save you plenty of time and trouble.

Chair Slipcovers Fabrics

Before purchasing any slipcovers for your dining furniture, determine the tear and wear your chairs are subjected to on a daily basis. A chair that gets heavy traffic daily should be covered with tough fabrics such as cotton, denim, twill or canvas.

Color is another factor to consider when choosing your fabrics. Dark colors will be suitable for seats frequented by children and pets for obvious reasons. Choosing a light color for your children’s favourite seat will mean frequent washing which can easily ruin the fabric. It is also important to consider pets that shed when choosing fabrics for your slipcovers. A dark color might not be suitable for pets that shed as they will be easily visible.

Texture is another important thing to take into account. While linen will look beautiful on your chairs, it might not be the best choice for chairs that are constantly being used. Linen wrinkles easily and gets dirty even faster. In this situation, silk would be the best option. Silk is beautiful and maintains its shape for an extended period of time.

Before buying chair slipcovers, ask your manufacturer for swatches that you can use for testing. This helps you make an informed decision since you’ll know what works best for you.

In order to learn more about available options, visit the internet where a plethora of websites showcase their products. From here you will be able to check out various designs and compare prices between different companies. The trick here is to take your time learning more about the fabrics before deciding what suits you the best,.