Change Messy Homemaker Organized Homemaker

Cleaning Home

House Cleaning when your home is messy is a big challenge.

First lets describe a messy home:

  • All of your drawers are so stuffed there is no room to put in your clean clothes
  • Walking through your home is an obstacle course
  • The phone rings, but you can’t find it to answer it
  • You live in dread of having to open a closet or a cupboard
  • You close the drapes and hide if someone approaches your door

An Organized home:

  • Your drawers are neatly arranged with a place for everything
  • You floors are spotless and passageways are full width
  • You answer your phone on the 1st ring
  • You are proud to show off your beautiful closets and cupboards
  • You have a Huge welcome mat that states ‘Come in and Set A Spell”

I think we are knew the difference without my description didn’t we? Since you are here visiting my page I assume that you are either a Messy trying to Improve or an Organizer looking for additional tips.

The first step to changing from a messy to an organizer is the Strong Desire to Change!

Nobodies behavior or housecleaning habits will change until such time as it is in their best interest to change. You can not be begged, bribed, or threatened into changing your housecleaning methods and habits until YOU are READY.

If a house is truly a mess, it is so overwhelming that it is extremely difficult to even start.

What motivation would it take to encourage you to start organizing your household today?

The easiest way to get into an organized mind set is the spend some quality time is a really well organized room or office. Do you have a friend, or a relative who is a neat freak? Maybe someone at work has as office that is truly beautiful and organized and has chairs with nothing on them just waiting for someone to sit on them. Seek out these places, soak in the serenity and peace. Get to appreciate how wonderful it is to know where whatever it is that need is. Smell the smells, enjoy the simplicity of an uncluttered room. If you have no other choice. Pack a SMALL suitcase with just you r absolute essentials, and check into a hotel for a day or two of R and R. As soon as you get into your room unpack your bag. Put things in the drawers, isn’t it wonderful to open the drawer and find room to put your things? Hang us what needs to be hung in the closet or on the clothes bar. Line your toiletries up neatly on the vanity.

Now sit down, lie down, relax. Look around the room. Do you feel the Peace? The Comfort? The absolute Freedom that you get from not being bogged down by the clutter and the mess. Soak it in.

Now that you have experienced the life of organization and neatness you should be motivated to go home and do something about your house. NO! Don’t Burn It Down!!!

Okay, you tell me you are motivated, but just looking at the clutter and the mess zaps the energy out of you? Fantastic!! Your journey into organization was successful.

Lets be realistic here, there is no way you will be able to turn your messy home into a well organized home in 15 minutes, or even 15 days. You do have a life to maintain don’t you? Start in your bedroom, lie down on your bed and look at whatever spot it is that you see first thing in the morning. That is where you will start your organization. Clean up that corner, that dresser, the closet, just that one small area. Do it now. Make it look exactly like you want you whole home to look. Enjoy it. Now lie down again and look at the sancturary you made. What do you see next-that’s right! That is the next area you will clean. Now remember put nothing down in the area that you cleaned first. When your second area is clean, you will have 2 wonderful spots to look it. Enjoy the feeling and keep going, don’t stop. Pick one area at a time and get it perfect, the fantastic feeling of success with fill you with motiviation. The next time you come home you will want to take in the feeling of your clean space. And you know what, you will become more consious of what you do in the rest of your house. You walk in the door and take off you coat, do you really want to just toss it on a chair? No, you will be motivated to put it where it should be. Before long you will be infected by the bug of organization and will work your way through your home , small area by small area until you finally reach success. You have done it!!!

You have changed your mindset from messy to organized!!! Congratulations!!